Partnerships are established at various levels, ranging from academic to industrial, spanning from regional to international scales.


Our innovations, including RhizoTubes® and RhizoCabs®, were developed in collaboration with a Burgundy-based industrial partner (Inoviaflow) and a PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) based industrial partner (Shakti). These developments were not only based on the scientific themes of the UMR Agroecology but also on broader scientific needs related to root phenotyping.



Teams from INRA, academic partners from Europe and around the world, as well as industrial partners (such as Roullier, RAGT, Biogemma, etc.), collaborate with us within the framework of various projects or Competitiveness Clusters (e.g., Vitagora). These collaborations bring together diverse stakeholders in the field of plant phenotyping and foster joint efforts in advancing research and innovation.


Modification date : 21 July 2023 | Publication date : 19 August 2019 | Redactor : Odile Biget