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The 4PMI Platform - Plant Phenotyping Platform for Plant-Microorganism Interactions - is an experimental facility affiliated with the Joint Research Unit (UMR) Agroecology at INRA in Dijon.

4PMI provides researchers from the UMR and the broader national and international scientific community with facilities and equipment for:

  • Characterizing the diversity of biological functioning of plants, whether they are isolated or in interaction/competition with other plants, both intraspecific and interspecific.
  • Analyzing plant-microorganism interactions in the soil, which are conditioned by plant and microbial partners and environmental conditions (e.g., soil type, CO2 content, temperature, light, etc.).

The platform specializes in phenotyping both roots and aerials parts and has recognized expertise in image acquisition and analysis.

It is frequently involved in developing new techniques and processes (internally or with the support of a pool of local companies) to meet the expectations of scientific teams.

A word from the scientific lead, C. Salon:

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