This platform is managed by Christophe Salon, the scientific director (Research Director of UMR Agroecology), with the support of deputies and the platform's steering committee. The steering committee serves as the link between the technical activities within 4PMI and the scientific projects conducted by various partners. It consists of representatives from each team within UMR Agroecology. The committee, in consultation with the management team, defines the overall direction, equipment, and rules for using the platform.

The day-to-day management of 4PMI is overseen by the Operations Manager, who can rely on a staff composed of:

  1. Greenhouse managers, who are specialists in managing crops in controlled environments. Their responsibilities include working closely with the scientific teams to implement experiments, monitor daily activities (climate control, watering, pest management), and perform common tasks (potting, seeding, etc.). They also provide training to users, particularly for automated processes.
  2. A "Maintenance & Development" team, responsible for maintenance interventions on the platform's equipment and processes, as well as implementing methodological and technical integrations. They work to optimize the platform's functionality and meet the research teams' requirements.
  3. An "Image Acquisition and Processing for Phenotyping" team, consisting of computer science experts, who develop the necessary algorithms for image processing and analysis on the platform. They also provide training to users. This team often hosts interns for the development of applications and calculation algorithms.

These teams work collaboratively to ensure the smooth functioning of the 4PMI platform and support the scientific community in their research endeavors.



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